Monday, 23 September 2013

Make 10 (Part 2)

Number Bonds - “Make 10” (Part 2)

In “Make 10” (Part 1), the child has grasped the mathematical concept of number bonds within 10. Now, we can introduce problem sums in making 10 to the child.

The following activity is also called “Make 10” but it is the next level of number bonding.

In this activity, the child will be given a place mat (a A4 size scenery picture), a task card and 10 kuti-kuti (animals). The child has to read the task card and understand the instruction written on the task card.

For example, the task card said “Place 5 animals in the pond. How many animals are not in the pond?” The child will have to place the correct amount of animals accordingly and count the amount of animals that are not in the pond.

After counting, the child will have to fill the correct numerals in the blanks and add up the 2 numerals to find out the total number (which is 10).

Through this activity, we can determine that the child is able to read, understand the instruction written on the task card and act according to the instruction. This will help the child in doing simple problem sums within 10.

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