Sunday, 22 September 2013

Make 10 (Part 1)

Number Bonds - “Make 10” (Part 1)

Once the children are familiarized in counting to 10, they can try to work on number bonds within 10.
The following activity is called “Make 10”.

First, the child will be given 10 “beans” (made of laminated paper, one side is white and the other side is coloured) in a cup. The child has to shake the cup and pour the beans out on the table.

Next, the child will have to count the coloured “beans” and shade the correct amount of “kidney beans” using coloured pencil.

Finally, the child will have to fill the correct numerals in the blanks. For eg: If the result is 5 green and 5 white, then the child will have to write 5 on both blanks.

Soon the child will be able to recognize the number combinations of making 10 and do simple addition sums within 10.

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