Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Count and Shade

Multiplication - “Count and Shade”

In yesterday session, we solved the first problem “Name” through various methods. Generally, these solutions just require rote counting skill.

During my school days, my Math Teacher asked us to memorize the “Timetable of 1 to 12” (1x2=2…2x2=4…3x2=6…4x2=8…5x2=10...). We were able to do the multiplication sums but we just do it for the sake of doing. We did not notice any connection between the numbers.

The following activity is called “Count and Shade”.

The child will be given the activity sheet and coloured pencils. The child has to fill in the number that he or she wants to find out the multiplication of that number.

For example, if the child wants to find out the multiplication of 3, he or she will have to count on 3 and shade every 3rd number up to 100.

Through this activity, the child will be able to recognize the pattern in the multiplies of 3 and make connections between the numbers before multiplication is introduced to them.

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